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There are many personality profiles available in today's marketplace. The cost of these profiles range from a few dollars to hundreds of dollars per applicant tested. Outside of cost, it is important to choose a profile that is trustable, proven, and useable for both recruiting and coaching. Please remember this, the output must be useable by those who make a hiring decision.

The Craft Personality Profile (CPQ) was recently featured in an article by the Wall Street Journal for its success in helping managers avoid costly hiring mistakes by reducing candidate faking.

In addition to providing proven results over time, a personality profile should hinder an applicant's ability to anticipate the answers leading to favorable results. The CPQ has been highlighted in dozens of articles, conferences, and research papers for its superior validity and user-friendly reports. Today, thousands of managers worldwide depend on the CPQ to identify high performers for sales forces, call centers, managerial positions and dozens of other occupations.

Trusted Experience and Validation

For over 30 years, and with more than a million administered tests, the Craft Personality Questionnaire (CPQ) has helped sales managers make better hiring decisions. It's validation is proven and therefore trustable. The CPQ underwent numerous reviews by experts in the field to ensure that questions, phrases and reports were not intrusive or offensive to candidates or employees, and that scores resulting from the CPQ were not discriminatory against any population.

Of particular significance is the CPQ's validity as a selection tool under the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission's Uniform Guidelines on Employee Selection Procedures (1978) (29 CFR Part 1607 for EEOC, as amended by 46 FR 63268), Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964, the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990 and the Age Discrimination in Employment Act of 1978. These federal laws prohibit discrimination in any term or condition of employment (including employment tests) on the basis of race, color, national origin, religion, age and gender.

Proven Production Impact

Validated testing results using the CPQ show significant levels of production impact. For example, from a call center we learn:

Employees earning high CPQ scores were almost twice as likely to reach the highest quartile of nearly every performance category. By using the CPQ's Call Center Profile, the company could expect to as much as triple the levels of activity and performance across all categories. In fact, employees with high CPQ scores earned approximately 2.5 times the average commissions of their lower scoring counterparts during the period observed.

And, in financial services' sales:

Financial services sales representatives earning high CPQ scores were almost twice as likely to reach the highest quartile of nearly every performance category. By using the CPQ's Financial Services Sales Profile, the company could expect to as much as double the average level of weekly production within the first contract year. In fact, reps with high CPQ scores reached levels of Total Weekly Production that were 50% higher than lower scoring representatives.

Even with a tremendous diversity of products, locations, markets, and organizations, the CPQ provides a statistically significant correlation to sales performance. And, the predictive power of the CPQ appears to strengthen over time. This occurs as new hires progress through the initial learning curve of the job. Among other important traits, the CPQ also predicts the sales professional's success in prospecting for new business. Individuals with high CPQ scores exhibited stronger sales competencies, resulting in a shorter learning curve and higher retention outlook.

Useable Recruiting and Coaching Output

Sales managers and those responsible for making hiring decisions need an output that is easily understood. For this purpose, the CPQ provides a one page compatibility chart showing a high, moderate, or low job match. This CPQ chart also displays a percentage (%) match to a sales position - for example, 62% (of 100%). These features help a sales manager with a quick look at compatibility and a comparison to other candidates and existing high-performing reps. Other important traits, like goal-orientation and social confidence, and a candidate's compatibility percentages are also easily found on the CPQ chart.

We believe that coaching a new or existing sales rep is very important to their success. The CPQ provides helpful tools to know each rep's coaching needs. In the process of using the coaching tools, the CPQ output teaches a sales manager how to handle different individuals during their ramp up. Many coaching tools and helpful outputs provide information that increases a sales manager's effectiveness and confidence in getting reps off to a great start.

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