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Your candidate has taken the CPQ and the results have been invalidated?

Posted Monday, June 23, 2008 in Frequently Asked Questions

If trying to view the results of the profile, and you receive this message, “Your candidate has taken the CPQ and the results have been invalidated—Agree or Disagree,” you may have an invalid profile.

The Craft Profile was designed with built in trip wires to catch individuals who do not answer the questions with consistent answers.  Some candidates try to tell you what they think you want to hear rather than answering the questions based on how they really feel. By doing so, the results will appear as “Invalid”.  On the page where you see the “Invalid” message, by clicking on “Agree”, you can still view the reports; however, keep in mind the information on the reports is not entirely accurate due to the candidate not answering the questions consistently.  Also, you may notice the “Accuracy / Validity Index” on the Compatibility Chart will show “Low”, “Moderate” or “High”“High” means the results are totally valid and the information on the reports is accurate. Any other rating of “Low”, “Moderate” or “Invalid” means that the information on the report is not entirely accurate and cannot be used with a great deal of certainty in understanding your candidates personality.