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What do the colors mean on the CPQ charts?

Posted Thursday, October 25, 2007 in Definitions

The candidate’s score is shown as a black bar.  Green on each scale is the ideal range for the position.  If the candidate’s score is outside of the ideal range, you will see the black bar over the red or yellow area.  Red signifies being significantly outside of ideal, while the yellow is a moderate out of range area.  All eight scales, goal-orientation, need to control, social confidence, social drive, detail-orientation, need to nurture, good impression, and skepticism will each have a black bar positioned over the participant’s score.  As you glance at the chart, you quickly see which scales are furthest off in compatibility for the candidate.  And, you can see what is making the biggest difference in the overall compatibility score. For example, if goal-orientation is very low relative to what the sales position requires.