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Please provide a brief description of each of the “Basic 8” scales.

Posted Thursday, October 25, 2007 in Definitions

Goal-Orientation (Go): Measures the amount of goal-oriented drive and focus on achieving outcomes or the accomplishment of incremental steps in well-defined processes.

Need to Control (Nc): measures an individual’s need for control and independent decision-making vs. collaborating as part of a team’s needs.

Social Confidence (Sc): measures an individual’s confidence to take social initiative and be assertive where necessary or remain reluctant when dealing with coworkers, customers, prospects, and others.

Social Drive (Sd): measures an individual’s social drive or desire for acknowledgment by others (public recognition) vs. a desire to remain alone and accept private and more personal forms of recognition.

Detail-Orientation: measures how individuals receive,interpret, and apply information in making decisions whether by detail analysis, or intuition and experience in decision making.

Good Impession (Gi): measures the motivation to manage the impressions left on others by striving to exaggerate strengths and downplaying weaknesses vs. being open and receptive when coached, and being vulnerable to feeling criticized or rejected.

Need to Nurture (Nn): measures an individual’s desire to nurture and care for others while motivated by opportunities to help them or would rather remain distant from others and “on task.”

Skepticism (Sk): measures an individual’s skepticism and trust of fellow employees and ‘management’ while remaining guarded and skeptical (in workplace interactions) vs. remaining open, optimistic, and trusting and looking for the best in others.