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Please explain how the Compatibility Chart works in relationship to the different positions given.

Posted Monday, June 02, 2008 in Frequently Asked Questions

The Compatibility Chart compares an individual’s score for the Basic 8 personality traits (noted by the black bar on the chart) to an ideal range (noted by the green bars).  Each Position in the drop down box will have its own unique ideal range. These ideal ranges were created when Craft Systems completed a validation study to find a benchmark for the best profile to hire for a specific job. We are providing these Positions/Benchmarks for anyone using the Craft Profile; however, please keep in mind that the ideal range for the Positions listed may or may not fit exactly with the position for which you are hiring.  Think about each personality trait and the ideal range shown for each Position/Benchmark and determine whether or not it fits with your ideal candidate.  In other words, the High, Moderate, or Low Compatibility Rating is for a specific position studied by Craft Systems.