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How do I send instructions to the candidate on how to take the profile?

Posted Monday, June 02, 2008 in Frequently Asked Questions

When you register a candidate to take the profile under the Register Candidate button, the candidate will automatically receive an email with the instructions.  If the candidate does not receive the email, follow these instructions:
After logging into using your login code and password, click on “View Candidates” and look up the candidate’s name and Profile Code.  You then have 2 options:

1.) Call and read the following instructions, or

2.) Copy and paste the following instructions into an email and send from your computer.  Remember to insert the candidates Profile Code into the instructions.


You have been registered to complete a series of questionnaires for Craft Profiles.

Visit website, then click on the Participants/Candidates link.  Type in your Profile Code, which is _________, then click the SUBMIT button.

Once you are signed in, you will be presented with a list of the Assessments to be completed.  For most candidates, this includes the following:

- The Oxford Learning Aptitude Survey
- Craft Personality Questionnaire

Expect to spend approximately 30 to 50 minutes on your questionnaires.You may also complete some of the surveys in one sitting, then return later to complete the rest, by signing in again using the same Profile Code.