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Selling Style

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After training thousands of salespeople over the past 20 years, we have found that very few salespeople understand their own selling style. This creates an adaptation and production problem for salespeople. They do not know how to adapt their personalities to make the buying experience comfortable for others - others not like them. Drivers do not know how to relax with a social person. Thinkers do not know how to present to those who are fast paced.

Knowing Your Selling Style

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After profiling thousands of salespeople, research shows four general personality styles that result from an interaction between Ego Drive and Empathy. Ego Drive and Empathy each result from an interaction between all of CPQ's "Basic Eight" personality factors. In the Selling Style Profile, the output plots a candidat's empathy and ego on a four square grid. Selling Style tendencies for a candidate emerge as Authoritative, Persuasive, Administrative, and Participative.

Interpreting Your Selling Style

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After the plotted grid showing the strength of the Selling Style, the candidate's unique style is described in detail. This begins with a Summary Statement and is followed by Selling Strengths and Self-management Recommendations. Candidates and sales managers learn how to interpret the challenges for face-to-face interactions. The report then presents strategies for overcoming them.

Interpreting Your Prospect's Buying Style

Understanding your buyer's buying style

The last two pages of the Selling Style Profile (What's Their Buying Style?) can be used to recognize and sell prospective buyers based upon their unique Buying Style. Evaluate, recognize, and adapt - an important formula in face-to-face interactions. The Selling Style profile helps sales managers and their recruits learn how to overcome tendencies - the tendencies to sell in a manner that's comfortable, but not effective for all buying styles. Salespeople learn to slow down, speed up, stress steps or features, or accentuate benefits according to a prospect's buying style. This positively impacts closing strength, customer satisfaction, and referrals.

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