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Compatibility Charts

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Sales managers or entrepreneurs move fast in a competitive world. They multi-task to get things done. So, the tools they work with must be time efficient and useable. Simple, but effective. With these challenges in mind, compatibility charts were designed as output for the Craft Personality Questionnaire (CPQ). A sales manager gets a quick summary that predicts a candidate's sales performance.

It's All About Compatibility

Compatibility Score: 85%

First, the compatibility chart is one page - one easily understood page. The first thing you see at the top of the page is the compatibility score expressed in a percentage - 62%, 78%, etc. This shows the degree of match to a sales position. Also, a compatibility rating of high, moderate, or low is shown - providing you with a easy to understand prediction.

Eight Scales

Graph showing participants score in the 8 traits.

Thirty years of experience has isolated 8 traits. A certain combination and amount of each trait produces a great salesperson. The compatibility chart shows how each candidate scores relative to an ideal range. At a glance, you can see which trait is within or outside of range. The traits shown are goal-orientation, need for control, social confidence, social drive, detail-orientation, good impression, need to nurture, and skepticism.

Recommended Coaching Hours

Coaching hours: 4.5 (per month)

How many coaching hours will a new recruit require each month? 2 hours - 10 hours - 20 hours? When you see this number, you can easily ask yourself if you have the time necessary to coach the person. Also, some short to the point tips are provided on the chart, or you can dive down to a 12 page coaching report - all still at a glance or within a click.

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