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Many personality profiles stop with the recruiting process, but from early on, the Craft Personality Questionnaire contained coaching instructions. That's because the author recognized how coaching increases performance and retention. And, most great sales managers recognize recruiting is half the battle to production and low turnover. Coaching requires knowing people as individuals and then coaching them differently within a company's sales process.

Basic 8 Traits

Basic 8 traits

The Sales Manager's Coaching Report begins by listing the Basic 8 Traits and the candidate's scores for each trait. The Basic 8 Traits include four traits related to an individual's DRIVE (goal orientation, need for control, social confidence, social drive) and four traits related to an individual's EMPATHY (detail-orientation, good impression, need to nurture, skepticism). Each trait relates to a salesperson's job description. Science tell us that certain amounts of each create a personality for high-performance sales. By knowing these, you can make decisions based on the strengths and weaknesses you see relative to the sales position.

Sales Performance Traits

Sales performance traits

Sales managers learn much from the Basic 8 traits. For example, low detail-orientation and a high goal-orientation are traits in many sales positions. The Sales Manager's Coaching Report also shows sales performance traits that are derived from a combination of the basic 8. High social drive with high goal-orientation produces a prospecting personality. The Coaching Report lists scores for other sales performance traits like: ability to handle stress and change, closing ability, time management, etc. - all to help a sales manager understand an individual's coaching challenges.

Coaching Tips Per Trait

Coaching recommendations

The last eight pages of the Sales Manager's Coaching Report analyzes candidate scores to create coaching tips. Each page corresponds to thoughts generated by one of the candidate's Basic 8 scores. For example, sales managers learn how to handle someone with a high social drive or someone with a low detail-orientation. During a 90 day period, a theme is stressed for each candidate. The report then points out strengths and challenges and includes bulleted coaching recommendations. Sales managers enjoy a clear mind regarding how to proceed with teaching and training their salespeople. Let's begin coaching people better!

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