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What will be your employee's learning curve? Do the job duties require learning vast amounts of technical information? Or, is product knowledge understanding fairly simple and less complex in your selling environment. Are analytical skills required? Can learning take place without intense time pressure? Answers to these types of questions help you recruit salespeople who match up with a job's aptitude requirements.

Quick Glance Aptitude Score

Overview of aptitude scores

Again, we see an easy to understand look at the candidate's aptitude. In the Aptitude Survey there are 35 questions and 35 correct responses. At the top of the survey's report, you will find the number of questions answered correctly and an overall percentile score. Aptitude scores may be compared between candidates and to those of existing salespeople. You will learn if certain aptitudes do better learning in your selling environment.

Learning Styles

Learning style is complex/analytical

One primary source of turnover is an incompatibility between your salesperson's learning style and the complexity of their job duties. If the job duties are too simple or "Concrete" and your salesperson's learning style is "Complex," boredom can lead to frustration and turnover. If the job duties are too "Complex" and your salesperson's learning style is "Concrete," stress and anxiety can result. The Oxford Learning Aptitude Survey matches the complexity of job duties with your salesperson's learning style.


Tips on how to coach a particular learning style

With an understanding of a person's learning style, you can use strategies that help the new salesperson continue to progress. The output from the survey helps you know which salespeople need to remain challenged and which will need additional product training. It provides learning tips for the Concrete/Analytical, Flexible/Dynamic, and Concrete/Interpersonal learning styles. Who needs challenge? Who needs teamwork? Who needs to display their grasp of complex analysis? The output will tell you.

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