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The People Behind the Magic

We believe that some of you wear sales manager shoes without a clear understanding of what it takes to achieve greatness in sales management. You work hard and with integrity, but you're missing a winning sales management philosophy and system. We also believe in untapped potential – that it can be unleashed.

SalesManage Solutions knows that great coaches inspire, challenge, and get the best from those on their team.

We want to help you catch the attitudes and beliefs, or philosophy, that will change your life and the lives of those you lead. We want to teach you how to use processes, tools, and skills within a winning sales system customized for your business. We want to help you reach important revenue goals for the benefit of your customers, your employees, and the families of those you lead.

And, we want to do this on-site or off-site - over a ninety day period or until together we decide to choose another direction. After twenty years, we enjoy working with some of the same clients. We just work at another level and with new technology. The goals and stakes are higher. Market conditions and challenges are different.

However, one thing remains true. Our clients still need to sell a certain amount of something to earn a living.

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SalesManage Solutions

Who we are:

We coach sales managers from good to great – providing the attitudes, processes, and tools to get results.



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Ratio for new recruits from an in-depth interview is 6:1. How many do you screen to get to 6?